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Are you able to respond quickly to a service call?
Users can contact our service center at any time for online help. As our logo indicates, all our management processes are geared towards agile intervention and adapted to our customers’ needs.
What is your approach to minimize the impact of IT failures on the company's operations?
We adopt a proactive approach by deploying monitoring tools on all critical components of an IT infrastructure. This allows us to act preventively on predictable incidents.
Do you have a good understanding of the business reality of SMEs?
Our consultants have extensive experience in all areas of the industry, and we have developed a management framework that adapts the best practices used by large corporations to the reality of the SMEs.
Are your services limited to technical support?
Our services go beyond simple technical support. We also act as expert advisors to our clients in the evolution of their IT environment.
What is your tariff structure?
We have a pricing structure that fits all sizes of businesses. Our services are available either as of banks of prepaid hours, or based of recurrent payments as part of a contractual agreement.
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