Expert or super user?

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How many times have we heard: “I know someone who is very computer-oriented and can solve a problem with a few clicks”? Yes it is possible, but …

  Unlike professionals whose scope of activity is reserved, protected and monitored by recognized organisms, the IT sector is little supervised. Since there are no real mechanism to validate the actual level of expertise of an individual or a service company, one must fall back on references and subjective perceptions. At one time, computing was a bit like mechanics. A resourceful and self-taught person could manage to tinker with a computer much like the amateur mechanic could repair or customize his car to save some costs. Nowadays, the evolution of automotive technologies means that only dealers can truly maintain cars. The same is true for computers. The miniaturization and chipset integration of electronic functions on the one hand and the multiplication of software layers on the other hand make it difficult for a person who has not undergone adequate training to master the ” interrelation between all the components of a computer system. One can become a “super user” with some insight, but becoming a specialist is another story. As a good doctor would, the approach to making a diagnosis is just as important as the proposed remedy. In computer science, first understanding the cause of the symptoms and anticipating the potential consequences of the proposed measures is the key to a successful intervention. So beware of the “Wizkid” that impresses the gallery with a series of agile clicks to make it work! Because it could only be a temporary fix that does not necessarily deal with the source of the problem. It is better to rely on professionals who can prevent the occurrence of mysterious problems that don’t seem to have clear explanations. But how can you find reliable professionals who can really assist in your IT operations, and can provide you with sound advice on the evolution of your systems? Although this is not a formal proof of competence, firms that integrate industry best practices, such as ITIL / ITSM, into their management processes are likely to be better candidates. How to solve a problem is just as important as the solution itself. And this all about rigorous framework and practices.



What is your Challenge?

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  • Enterprise data security?
  • Backup of critical data?
  • Availability and reliability of IT systems?
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